AudioTim 26: Lane Diamond, author of Forgive Me, Alex

In this podcast, we discuss Lane Diamond‘s psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex, along with his cohort in crime at Evolved Publishing, D.T. Conklin. This is the original first part of the interview I posted for episode 25. Lane does a great job of enticing you into the characters and their conflict, and amazingly so without giving away any spoilers. We also discuss how to turn an action focused story into a character’s experience so that the reader is more engaged. D.T. shares about his story in the Evolved Publishing anthology, Evolution: Vol. 1, “The Last Earthling,” and his upcoming Epic Fantasy, Eulogy, which is due out March 14th. He discusses creating multilayered plot, what it’s like to write by the seat of his pants, and how he uses beta readers. All in all, a fun discussion with some new friends. Come and join us, and spread the word.

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5 thoughts on “AudioTim 26: Lane Diamond, author of Forgive Me, Alex”

  1. I’m really glad I listened to this before throwing the third draft of my novel at ALL of the beta readers I have lined up. I think I’ll take the advice given and try two passes – one half of the beta readers give me feedback, then I made changes if their feedback demands it and I agree – then try the rest of the beta readers on the 4th draft. Does that sound like a good way to use my beta reading pool? Thanks for the great episode!

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