Video Interview: Unrelenting Plot with Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War

Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, kept me in my chair reading for like twelve hours straight to finish his book. In this second part of my video interview, I ask him about his approach to pacing that was so successful in capturing an entire Saturday.  You can view all of the interviews on my You Tube channel. If you haven’t read The Black God’s War, I heartily recommend picking it up (my 5 star review). The ebook version is only $.99 at this time.

Another author skilled at creating the “unrelenting plot,” T.C. McCarthy, wrote such a fantastic book, Germline, that I wasn’t satisfied with the other books on my schedule until I picked up the second book in his Subterenne War series, Exogene. The third and final book in this trilogy, Chimera, just released, and has been selling out nationwide. If you want to get your copy at a bookstore, maybe call ahead first. WalMart has a discounted rate, $6.79, if you order online (free shipping). Bonus: T.C. is offering to sign “For any order placed at Walmart or Target for my books, I’ll sign them for you and ship them to you at no cost. Just have them sent to me directly with instructions on where to send them once I’ve signed. Contact me for details if interested.”

Moses is one of the co-hosts of my favorite podcast, Adventures in SciFi Publishing, and in celebration of the one year anniversary of The Black God’s War being released, he will be posting the first six chapters of book two, The God’s Divided, on his Facebook page within the next few days.

Questions for discussion:

What is the longest stretch of time or pages that you read straight through and what book was it?

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