AudioTim 47: Hard-boiled Detective Novel, HOT SINATRA, by Axel Howerton

PrintWelcome to my interview with Axel Howerton and editor, Lane Diamond of Evolved Publishing. Axel’s debut novel, Hot Sinatra, was a captivating detective story that reminded me of my love of the romance and humor in the TV show, Castle. Axel and his team at Evolved Publishing deserve a lot of credit. Axel is giving away a signed copy of HOT SINATRA in return for anyone who promises to name their firstborn, Hot, or Sinatra. Your pick. Or Foxy. Or Kickerd–I’m just kidding, details below (which are much easier) for the giveaway.

My book review of HOT SINATRA
From the podcast archives:

Episode 14: Axel Howerton and Julie Jansen, Master Minds of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour
Episode 26 (oops, should have been 25): Lane Diamond, author of psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex
Episode 24: Lane Diamond and D.T. Conklin of Evolved Publishing

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Topics discussed:

Axel wrote his main character, Moss, more to fail than to be like Sherlock Holmes and come up with clever solutions to everything. An interesting take, and surprisingly attractive.

Around the 21 minute mark, we discussed the growth process of HOT SINATRA, and after that, why Axel decided to publish with Evolved Publishing. If you haven’t been acquainted with this revolutionary publisher, (evolutionary, rather), have a listen to AudioTim

Info on the new Evolved Publishing Street Team on Facebook.

Evolved Publishing is still open to submissions. is Axel’s next project to look out for. His story should be out in the Spring.


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Where to find Axel: Homepage; Facebook; and Twitter @AxelHow

Where to find Lane: Homepage; Facebook; Twitter @Lane_Diamond

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Links, Books and Authors mentioned:
Elmore Leanord (quirky weirdo characters who come out of nowhere) – This is the guy responsible for Justified? (Raylan: A Novel). I love that show!
Robert B. Packer (Lane says Hot Sinatra has similar qualities)
Raymond Chandler’s character, Phillip Marlowe.
Dashiel Hammett and Black Mask magazine were mentioned quite a bit. Also maybe the Coen brothers. (makers of The Big Lebowski, Fargo, etc.)

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Next episode in two weeks. Giveaway ends 12:00AM 3/19/13.

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2 thoughts on “AudioTim 47: Hard-boiled Detective Novel, HOT SINATRA, by Axel Howerton”

  1. The Title alone grabs you by the and calls out for attention. Then, you read the blurb, and see some of the authors that Axel Howerton has been compared to, and it really excites you about the possibility of falling into the novel!
    (My personal definition of “noir” is simply, “Could I picture Bogart in the film?” If no – it’s not noir to me!)

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