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AudioTim 47: Hard-boiled Detective Novel, HOT SINATRA, by Axel Howerton

PrintWelcome to my interview with Axel Howerton and editor, Lane Diamond of Evolved Publishing. Axel’s debut novel, Hot Sinatra, was a captivating detective story that reminded me of my love of the romance and humor in the TV show, Castle. Axel and his team at Evolved Publishing deserve a lot of credit. Axel is giving away a signed copy of HOT SINATRA in return for anyone who promises to name their firstborn, Hot, or Sinatra. Your pick. Or Foxy. Or Kickerd–I’m just kidding, details below (which are much easier) for the giveaway.

My book review of HOT SINATRA
From the podcast archives:

Episode 14: Axel Howerton and Julie Jansen, Master Minds of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour
Episode 26 (oops, should have been 25): Lane Diamond, author of psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex
Episode 24: Lane Diamond and D.T. Conklin of Evolved Publishing

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February Spec-fic-fetti

BetweenTwoThorns-COVER1-e1355137730189Welcome to a new monthly column I’m going to start here at timothycward.com, Spec-fic-fetti. Yes, it looks like spa-ghetti, but it represents the combination of Speculative Fiction and celebration associated with confetti to identify what will be a long post about all the cool people, websites, books, and podcasts that I found in that month. If you follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook, you’ll see these throughout the month, but even then I’m usually restraining myself from telling people about all that I think deserve mentioned because I don’t want to look like a spammer. My wife’s favorite kind of cake is white with funfetti frosting, so this may be an excuse to make a cake for my blog image. This is a last minute idea inspired by the Hugo Award winning SF Squeecast and Emma Newman’s free short stories, both of whom were recently interviewed on the SF Signal Podcast, so no cool image yet. For today’s main image, I’ll pick Emma’s upcoming release through Angry Robot Books because it sounds awesome, and I’m most recently charmed with her after her SF Signal Podcast interview–her perfect British accent (definitely going to buy the audiobook of Between Two Thorns, which she narrated), the sweet shyness I totally empathize with, and consistent dedication to her craft (54 short stories last year as part of her Split Worlds Project).

I’m loving this idea already. Completely unabashed squeeage. Who’s next? Continue reading

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Book Review: Hot Sinatra by Axel Howerton

PrintAfter suffering through some lagging stories of late, Hot Sinatra‘s readability was as exciting as ditching a polka band for a live showing with Sinatra, himself.

My normal genre reading wouldn’t lead me into a crime novel about Frank Sinatra’s lost record, but it’s refreshingly easy-to-read style, and endearing characters really impressed me. Hat’s off to Axel Howerton, and his editing team at Evolved Publishing, for producing another book that reminded me why I enjoy reading. Continue reading

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Hugh Howey Live, and other Free Indie Fiction

My recording of Hugh Howey reading his Kindle Single, “The Walk Up Nameless Ridge,” is now up over at SF Signal. I was in his panel at ChiCon7 and recorded most of the story there, but because he ran out of time we had to finish the rest on Skype. I think it turned out great, and it’s another gem from Hugh, so go check it out! If you’d rather read it, it’s only $.99.

The second recording, a panel with him, Robin Sullivan (Ridan Publishing) and Lane Diamond (Evolved Publishing) discussing Kindle Singles, Kindle Serials, and Amazon’s Pre-Order system, will also be hosted on SF Signal (the blog, not the podcast). I’ll let you know when that is up as well. It’s great info for authors, and great news for the short fiction market.

While I’m mentioning indie authors, here are some freebies to check out: Continue reading

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Today Only, 12 Evolved Publishing Titles FREE on Kindle

Evolved Publishing is walking to an e-reader near you, today, for free!

As you may have read, I’m a first shift security guard at a front desk for a call center. This building has two companies and the craziest shifts starting at 5:30 am. Well, from 6:45 to about 9am the crowd is so consistent that I have a hard time getting anything meaningful done–reading or writing. So, while these people tell me how windy it is today, I’m going to share some pretty big news about my friends at Evolved Publishing. (Edited 3/28: The deal is over, but still read on about my experience falling for their book Wanted: Dead or Undead. Continue reading

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Movie Review: Safe House with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington

I really liked this movie. 4 Stars. There were some all right movies out last weekend, but my friend and I went to this one because of our love for the great Denzel movies we’ve seen. Unfortunately, there were only glimpses of the Denzel attitude and flair that we’ve come to love. There were some though, and we had a good laugh at his nonchalant humor in the face of life-threatening danger. Denzel was more of an anchor and a side kick to Ryan Reynolds, who didn’t exactly steal the show as much as not let the show flop through an admirable display of fight and car chase scenes.

I try to avoid watching trailers of movies I want to see because I don’t like having the action spoiled. For movies like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I’ll watch the trailer because I know that’s about all that movie has to offer. Continue reading

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AudioTim 26: Lane Diamond, author of Forgive Me, Alex

In this podcast, we discuss Lane Diamond‘s psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex, along with his cohort in crime at Evolved Publishing, D.T. Conklin. This is the original first part of the interview I posted for episode 25. Lane does a great job of enticing you into the characters and their conflict, and amazingly so without giving away any spoilers. We also discuss how to turn an action focused story into a character’s experience so that the reader is more engaged. D.T. shares about his story in the Evolved Publishing anthology, Evolution: Vol. 1, “The Last Earthling,” and his upcoming Epic Fantasy, Eulogy, which is due out March 14th. He discusses creating multilayered plot, what it’s like to write by the seat of his pants, and how he uses beta readers. All in all, a fun discussion with some new friends. Come and join us, and spread the word.

Evolved Publishing Raffle Giveaway!

As I mentioned in the podcast, Evolved Publishing is giving away a free Kindle ebook from their catalog (including new releases in March). To enter, review one of their titles on Amazon or Goodreads and enter the link into the widget below. You have until March 15th to read and review from their awesome catalog of ebooks. If you have trouble with the Rafflecopter widget, leave a comment and I’ll help.

You can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes by clicking the podcast image above.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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AudioTim 24: Lane Diamond and D.T. Conklin of Evolved Publishing

Today’s interview is the first of two with Lane Diamond and D.T. (Dan) Conklin (the Kobe Bryant’s of publishing duos? Sorry, last episode was the Michael Jordan of Mad Scientists, Michell Plested, so, anyway…). I decided to publish the second part first because it includes information about Evolved Publishing’s upcoming anthology, Evolution: Vol. 2 which opens for submissions today. Because I begin the interview halfway through, I realized after recording the intro that I should have mentioned that Lane is the first one speaking and Dan (D.T. Conklin) is the other guy (I’m sure he’ll love that moniker).

Click here for submission info

I really like Evolved’s motto as being an “author-centric” publishing house. As Lane will say in this interview, their goal has been to create a publishing house that they would want to join as authors. From what I’ve seen, they not only take care of their authors, but they are dedicated to producing top quality fiction. I’ve really enjoyed Lane’s book, Forgive Me, Alex, and the anthology, Evolution: Vol. 1, and anticipate many more quality reads in the future.

Evolved Publishing Upcoming Releases
: T.G. Ayer’s book, Dead Radiance: A Valkyrie Novel, comes out Feb. 25. Angela Scott’s Zombie Western, Wanted: Dead or Undead comes out between then and mid-March. D.T. Conklin’s Epic Fantasy book, Eulogy, is set to release March 14. I also mentioned Emlyn Chand as the newest author to Evolved Publishing. She has three children’s picture books that will release soon, the first coming in the Spring of 2012.

In case I wasn’t clear in the intro, the podcast feed has been pointed from my host at Posterous and moved to this website. Thanks to my friend, Mike Templeton, for making that a seamless transition. If you were subscribed before, you should still be subscribed. The only difference is the podcast will be down at the bottom of your list with the title, “Timothy C. Ward >> AudioTim.”

***News 2/20/12*** The new placement has all my AudioTim episodes so you can delete the old one. Same feed, no need to resubscribe.

If you’re not subscribed via iTunes, you can by clicking here on the AudioTim image above.

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Saturday Spotlight: “Courage through Fear” by Ruby Standing Deer

Another five-star story from Evolved Publishing’s anthology Evolution: Volume One is “Courage through Fear” by Ruby Standing Deer. This story caught me off guard with my immediate fear and concern for the main character. This 21 year old girl grifting cross-country with alcoholic husband finds out too late the cost of their freedom. Emotional attachment and the temptations for survival prevent her from escaping just as they would anyone else in her situation. This is a story that will keep your firm attention till the end. There is a brief content warning, though I won’t say what to keep the surprise. I asked Ruby to read a section from the story that is sure to pull you in to the young woman’s plight.

Ruby has a book out with Evolved Publishing called Circles.
In her bio, she says “Life presents us a path; how we choose to navigate that ‘circle’ is up to us.” I would say this philosophy is part of what nailed me into the hero’s quest in “Courage through Fear;” I was captured by her dilemma and cared deeply for her to find her way to safety. I imagine her novel, Circles, will evoke the same sense of connection with the main character’s quest.

I asked Ruby to share a little about the unique setting of Circles, and she also gave us a brief excerpt to illustrate the main character’s voice.

Circles is set in a time rarely written about, in a place of plenty and peace. Seldom bothered by outsiders their culture’s not challenged, but rather deeply rooted in every person from birth. Families passionately connected through bonds with band member share everything, be it food or goings on within the band. Little happens that others do not share in.

Life is happy with humor always part of everyday experiences as well as Spirituality, and fears. Continue reading

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Anthology Review: 4 Stars to Evolution: Vol. 1 by Evolved Publishing

Evolution: Vol. 1 (A Short Story Collection)Evolution: Vol. 1 by Lane Diamond

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first story, “If I Should Die,” by Amanda Papenfus, was very well-written. It gives a brief glimpse into a girl’s life as she deals with the hopelessness of her cancer prognosis, and yet the ending was inspiring.

The second story, “The Last Earthling,” by D.T. Conklin, was a difficult read for me because of the setting conflicting with my belief system. However, you have to give credit to the story living on in my mind’s spare moments for more than a week later. The story was well-written, with empathetic characters in a creative world, so I kept reading. The ending had the type of surprise you hope for in good fiction, and is left open for your interpretation. I spoke with the author, D.T. Conklin, and he mentioned how this story highlights how important forgiveness is to him. In that we both agree, and this story is highly recommended because of the type of discussion it evokes. Read it and tell D.T. I sent you.

The third story, “Timothy,” by Anjuli Bowen, is fantastic. I love the concept of a man who doesn’t age, and who decides one day to bring the sand jar that keeps him alive outside and risk dying. Emotional and satisfying. Continue reading

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