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Hugh Howey Live, and other Free Indie Fiction

My recording of Hugh Howey reading his Kindle Single, “The Walk Up Nameless Ridge,” is now up over at SF Signal. I was in his panel at ChiCon7 and recorded most of the story there, but because he ran out of time we had to finish the rest on Skype. I think it turned out great, and it’s another gem from Hugh, so go check it out! If you’d rather read it, it’s only $.99.

The second recording, a panel with him, Robin Sullivan (Ridan Publishing) and Lane Diamond (Evolved Publishing) discussing Kindle Singles, Kindle Serials, and Amazon’s Pre-Order system, will also be hosted on SF Signal (the blog, not the podcast). I’ll let you know when that is up as well. It’s great info for authors, and great news for the short fiction market.

While I’m mentioning indie authors, here are some freebies to check out: Continue reading

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