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Coffin Hop Stop #6: Thomas Smith

Welcome to interview six from this channel of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. Thomas Smith is described as, “…one of those outstanding Southern writers – seemingly soft, languid, maybe even lazy, when actually what he is, is cotton wrapped about a razor. Half the time you don’t even know he’s gotten you until it’s too late.” – Charles L. Grant.

Who wouldn’t want to talk to this guy? I’ll play a sample of our half-hour interview, where he discusses his take on Christians writing Horror and how it can be done well. If you’d like to listen to the whole interview, head over to the Holy Worlds Podcast.

Did you know there’s a giveaway? The first book I will be published in, Monsters!, is packed with talented authors, of which I’m interviewing eight as part of this tour. Continue reading

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