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On top of the audio interviews I offer on my AudioTim podcast, which can run long and cover lots of topics, I thought I’d try shorter interviews which focus on one topic. You can watch these and the rest of my videos on my You Tube Channel or below:

Interview series with Moses Siregar III, Fantasy Author of The Black God’s War ($.99 ebook)
Sympathetic Enemies
Unrelenting Plot
Magic Systems
Redrafting for Excellence
Book 2 Growth

I interviewed Brennan Taylor, founder of Galileo Games, to discuss The Lost: A Kingdom of Nothing Anthology, which is open to submissions until Sept. 1. He is also the project manager behind the Blood Red Sands RPG Kickstarter Campaign, and put together the zombie RPG, Shelter in Place. I am editing my short story for the Kingdom of Nothing Anthology, so if you give it a try, let me know.

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